New York Area Population Genomics Workshop 2017



Third NYA Population Genomics Workshop

(Hashtag #NYAPG17)

January 19th, 2017

Hosted by Columbia University

Low Library [map]


8:30 arrival and registration/breakfast

Session 1 (Chair: Guy Sella)

9:00 Matthew Combs (Fordham)
Spatial population genomics of brown rats in New York City

9:20 Sarah Gignoux-Wolfsohn (Rutgers)
Are bat populations infected with white-nose syndrome undergoing rapid natural selection?

9:40 Noah Rose (Princeton)
Genomic architecture of resilience to the third global coral bleaching event

10:00 Khanh Dao Duc (UPenn)
Identification and quantitative analysis of the major determinants of translation elongation rate variation

10:20 Coffee

Session 2 (Chair: Joe Pickrell)

10:40 Invited speaker: Molly Przeworski (Columbia)
Of mice, men and birds: recombination hotspots and their evolution

11:10 Christina Zakas (NYU)
The genetic basis of evolutionary transitions in early development

11:30 Raquel Assis (Penn State)
Transcriptional interference promotes rapid expression divergence of Drosophila nested genes

11:50 YoSon Park (UPenn)
Functional genomics of evolutionarily conserved and newly evolved primate cis-regulatory elements

12:10 Lunch

Session 3 (Chair: Barbara Engelhardt)

1:40 Invited speaker: Yun Song (Penn)
Robust and scalable population genetic inference using unphased whole genomes

2:10 Malin Pinsky (Rutgers)
Marine dispersal scales are congruent over evolutionary and ecological time

2:30 Stephanie Lauer (NYU)
High-resolution analysis of copy number variation in evolving populations

2:50 Derek Aguiar (Princeton)
Efficient construction of haplotype cluster graphs and estimating the age of mutations

3:10 Coffee

Session 4 (Chair: Casey Brown)

3:30 Hakhamanesh Mostafavi (Columbia)
Identifying genetic variants that affect viability in large cohorts

3:50 Katherine Siewert (UPenn)
Detecting Long-term Balancing Selection using Allele Frequency Correlation

4:10 Joshua Schraiber (Temple)
Assessing the relationship of ancient and modern genomes

4:30 Coffee

Session 5 (Chair: Adam Siepel)

4:50 Lauren Alpert Sugden (Brown)
An interpretable, dependence-aware composite classification framework for hard sweep detection and localization, with application to a Southern African population

5:10 Daniel Schrider (Rutgers)
Soft sweeps are the dominant mode of adaptation in the human genome

5:30 David Murphy (Columbia)
Linked selection on functional elements via selective sweeps and background selection

5.50 Reception (drinks and hors d’oeuvres)



Guy Sella (Columbia)

Barbara Engelhardt (Princeton University)

Joe Pickrell (NYGC and Columbia University)






Registration is free but required, see the Registration page.

The abstract deadline is December 1st, 2016