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New York Area Population Genomics Workshop 2015


Schedule for the first NYA Population Genomics Workshop (Hashtag #NYAPG15)

January 15, 2015

Hosted by the New York Genome Center

101 Avenue of the Americas, NY, NY



8:30 arrival and registration/breakfast

9:00 Stephen Harris (CUNY)
Demographic history and selection in recently isolated urban and rural populations of white-footed deermice in New York City.

9:20 Jeffrey Vedanayagam (University of Rochester)
Dynamic turnover of transposable elements in the Drosophila simulans clade supports an evolutionary arms race with the host silencing machinery.

9:40 Martina Bradic (NYU)
Population genomics of the sexually transmitted human parasite Trichomonas vaginalis reveal convergent evolution of metronidazole resistance.

10:00 Niamh B. O’Hara (Fordham)
The genomic basis of a cost of drought adaptation in a Brassica rapa plant population.

10:20 Coffee

10:40 Invited speaker: Amy Williams (Cornell)
Fine scale properties of non-crossover gene conversion in humans.

11:00 Varun Aggarwala (Penn).
A Bayesian framework explains substantial variability in nucleotide substitution probabilities across the human genome.

11:20 Brad Gulko (Cornell)
FitCons – the fitness consequence of functional annotation.

11:40 Alexander Xue (CUNY)
The multi-taxa site frequency spectrum (mtSFS) for next-generation comparative phylogeography.

12:00 Lunch

1:30 Invited speaker: Peter Andolfatto (Princeton)
A genome wide scan for incompatibilities in hybrid fish populations.

1:50 Chris Campbell (Albert Einstein)
Regulation of crossover placement in human meiotic recombination.

2:10 Javier Quilez Oliete (Mount Sinai)
Insights into the functional effect of promoter-associated short tandem repeats in the human genome using targeted sequencing.

2:30 Meng Lin (Stony Brook)
Genetic Architecture of Short-statured Height in South African San.

2:50 Coffee

3:10 Priya Moorjani (Columbia)
A novel genetic method for dating ancient human samples using the recombination clock.

3:30 Guy Amster (Columbia)
Predicting diversity on sex-linked chromosomes and autosomes and implications for humans.

3:50 Christopher Mason (Weill Cornell)
City-Scale Disease Surveillance and Microbial Mapping.

4:10 Coffee

4:30 Naomi Ziv (NYU)
Natural variation in the complex genetic architecture of cell growth.

4:50 Gregory Darnell (Princeton)
Heritability in the morphology of sea urchin embryo development.

5:10 Philipp Messer (Cornell)
Population genomics of drug resistance evolution in malaria parasites.

5:30 Molly Schumer (Princeton)
Reproductive isolation of hybrid populations driven by genetic incompatibilities.

5.50 Reception (drinks and hors d’oeuvres)



Barbara Engelhardt (Princeton University)

Joe Pickrell (NYGC and Columbia University)

Molly Przeworski (Columbia University)

Matt Rockman (NYU)

Adam Siepel (CSHL)

Jason Munshi-South (Fordham University)

Orli Bahcall (Nature Genetics)







Registration is free but required, see the Registration page.

The abstract deadline is November 15th, 2014

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